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In Calvià we are committed to culture: the one that comes to our town and the one created by our citizens. This is what the Department of Culture of the Town Hall works on: to make possible the enjoyment of the arts and, at the same time, make easier the participation in the cultural life of our community, giving acces in the same conditions, and working for the preservation of the cultural heritage as the irreplaceable inheritance. We work simultaneously on several lines of action: We have introduced culture in in the development strategies of our town; We encourage cultural activities in education: schools, workshops ...;  We have expanded and optimized management centres and municipal cultural facilities; We are developing a recovery area for the promotion of traditional and popular culture, both of Calvià as of the rest of our island; We are promoting the identity of Calvià as a place of culture: a town where culture is produced and created. 

Contact address: Catalina Caldentey (Chief culture service) Address: C / Julià Bujosa Sans, batle, 1 07184 Calvia Phone: 971 139 181 / 667 102 581 Fax: 971 139 186 cultura@calvia.com. Follow us on the social networks:          Do you know our magazines? Calvià Culture: sign here and receive it every month in your mail.

These are the services that we manage directly from the Department of Culture: