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Police actions against illegal taxis



Friday 11th August 2017 


The Local Police of Calvià has located and sanctioned with 18,003 euros three illegal taxis and has immobilised the vehicles with which an illegal service of passengers was offered while they circulated through the municipality. The Traffic Division of the Local Police of Calvià has carried out during the month of July a specific investigation task to be able to intercept the illegal taxis while they were committing the infraction, since it is an illegality very difficult to detect and to prove. The occasional public transport of passengers without the mandatory authorization entails a fine of 6,001 euros for each driver, since it is considered a very serious violation according to article 94.1 of Law 4/2014, of 20
th June, on land transport and sustainable mobility of the Balearic Islands.

Since the service was put into operation in early 2016, the Traffic Division of the Local Police of Calvià, in addition to the surveillance and control of occasional public transport of passengers without authorization, has carried out 103 static control devices, inspected 4,772 vehicles and filed 263 complaints for road safety infractions.

This specific Traffic Division has 15 agents working in coordination with the Department of Territory, Energy and Mobility, with which they have carried out 8 jointly controls.

The Traffic Division agents of the Local Police of Calvià are trained in transport, specifically dangerous goods, alcohol and drugs, investigation of road accidents, and command and direction of traffic units. These trainings have been given by the Ministry of Territory, Energy and Mobility and the Traffic School of the Civil Guard of Mérida.