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Calvią Child Council Proposals


Tuesday 26th March 2019


The Calvià Child Council met on Monday at the Town Hall's Plenary Hall, in a meeting chaired by the Mayor Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, and in which the heads of different municipal departments answered the requests that the 1st Child School Council of the municipality raised in its Proposals Book.

The mayor thanked them for their work and for having contributed in a special way to achieve the recognition of the municipality as a Child Friendly City, awarded by UNICEF, having been part of the first child participation body recognised by the Town Hall.

During the meeting, the proposals made by the children were answered and they were informed on the immediate start-up of one of the initiatives they requested: "More surveillance and 'No smoking' posters so that adults do not bother the children when they are in the parks." In this sense, the head of the local police of Calvià informed them that the posters will be placed at the over 53 playgrounds of the municipality with the slogan: "Pensa en nosaltres! Respecta els espais lliures de fums" ("Think of us! Respect smoke-free spaces").