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Magaluf social housing put out to tender


Wednesday 27th March 2019


It is foreseen that the Ibavi will award in two months the construction works for the first 48 social housing of this promotion jointly carried out by the Government and Calvià Town Hall

Both, the Ibavi (Balearic Housing Institute) and the Calvià Town Hall have started the tender for the first phase of the 88 social housing on Avenida de s'Olivera in Magaluf, one of the Strategic Land Reserves in the municipality. This is the construction of the first 48 social homes, a promotion of 24 homes located on an Ibavi's land plot and another 24 located on a Calvià Town Hall's land plot, and whose works are expected to be awarded within 2 months, with a total cost of 6 million euros.

It is a project that arose from the ideas competition carried out jointly with the College of Architects of the Balearic Islands, which will allow the execution of a set of unique and harmonised housing on the land owned by the two administrations. The preliminary draft, written by the architects Itziar Lafuente Antón and Adrián Talens Mateu, who won the ideas contest under the slogan Deconstruction, has a marked sustainable component.

The mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, and the regional minister for Territory, Energy and Mobility, Marc Pons, explained that the 48 homes that will be built in the first phase will be rented out linked to the families' income. Of these 48 homes, there will be 2 of three bedrooms, 32 of two bedrooms (of which 6 will be adapted for people with reduced mobility), and 14 of one bedroom.

The land on Avenida de s'Olivera in Magaluf is part of the Strategic Land Reserve that will have a total of 88 social homes. The Ibavi and Calvià Town Hall have a building area of 2,147 m2, respectively, for the construction of the 24 + 24 homes that are now being tendered. In addition, there is an area of 2,863.20 m2 for 40 social housing indirectly managed by a competition between promoting entities, as established by legislation, and which will also be tendered in 2019. The rest of the land is privately owned.

Link to the Hiring Platform here