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The athletics track installs new pavement


Friday 12th April 2019


The premises reopens its doors on 13th April

Numerous foreign clubs will use the track between April and May

The Spanish 4x100 relay team will train at the premises at the end of the month

The new blue pavement is already the Magaluf athletics track protagonist. The pavement's replacement works are practically finished after two and a half months and the Calvià athletics track now shows as one of the best in Spain. The Sportflex Super X 720 K35 from Mondo has changed the appearance and performance of a premises that already awaits important athletes from the national and international scene. The athletics track will be opened on 13th April.

Brand new

The Magaluf athletics track will receive, in the coming days, groups of athletes who will be able to try the new track. The installed pavement provides the ideal combination of energy return, comfort, safety and durability, making it perfect for both training and competing. The refurbishment began at the end of January and it became necessary due to the great wear and hardening suffered by the previous pavement, and which finally had cracks that damaged the 400-metre ring sub-base.

Tourist asset

The first international reservations have taken very little to arrive. The new track has attracted athletes from all over Europe who have seen in Magaluf the ideal place to do their training camps. The arrival of 624 athletes in 31 groups is expected, the first ones arrived on 4
th April.
Between the track's use requests, are highlighted international teams and clubs of countries like United Kingdom, Germany, Luxembourg, Sweden, Belgium, Austria, Latvia or Finland.

Local social/sports asset

The athletics track is one of the sports facilities of the municipality preferred by local athletes and without a doubt, the pavement's replacement is great news for the local sports sector. Amongst other data that reconfirm this statement, we highlight that 10 local clubs of related disciplines such as athletics, mountain races or triathlon use the track continuously to carry out their quality trainings, their children's athletics schools or their previous tests to competitions. In addition, the track has a large number of members who enjoy the premises throughout the year.


Spanish team

The Spanish U-23 and U-20 women's and men's 4x100 relay teams have also confirmed their reservation to train at the Calvià athletics track, a fact that highlights the quality leap that the premises has made to be one of the best in Spain.

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