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Press trip to know the Galatzó projects


Friday 26th April 2019


A group of journalists from different national media visited this morning the public estate of Galatzó, in a programme organised by the Strategic Tourism Agency of the Balearic Islands, which coordinates and manages the projects covered by the Sustainable Tourism Tax.

During the visit, they were explained the two projects that will be carried out at the Galatzó estate: the mountain refuge and the recovery of the hydraulic system. They have also seen the mills restoration that is being carried out at the moment, in collaboration with the Consell de Mallorca. Finally, they were explained that the rehabilitation of the dairy that is going to be carried out with sustainable investment of the Town Hall has been planned.

Mountain refuge at the municipal public estate of Galatzó

The project of enabling a mountain lodge for hikers in the public estate of Galatzó carried out by the Consell de Mallorca has the purpose of improving, expanding and facilitating the access of citizens to nature, being ideal for the overnight stay of hikers who walk along the GR-221 route. Thus, the network of refuges in the Serra de Tramuntana will increase, bringing access to knowledge of natural and ethnological heritage to citizens, and promoting the practice of an ecological and sustainable tourism. All this, with the ultimate goal of promoting the preservation of our heritage.

The old pigsties premises located at the Galatzó estate will be reformed to be a Mountain Refuge for hikers and it will be included within the refuge network of the Pedra en Sec route.

Recovery of the estate's hydraulic system

The second project is the recovery of the hydraulic system, in order to enhance the estate's agricultural and environmental management that responds to the objective of preserving the cultural landscape of a possessió (estate) in the Serra de Tramuntana.

The project aims to carry out a series of repair works, in order to put into operation the gutter and mills of the Galatzó hydraulic system, and thus take advantage of the water that is currently lost. Likewise, the execution of this project has an added value by recovering a unique element within the ethnological heritage of the Islands.

The interest in making agricultural and livestock activities compatible with a public use is none other than showing a way of life that is gradually disappearing, especially in the mountainous areas of the Serra, mainly due to its lack of profitability. Therefore, the importance of this project to: recover the hydraulic system in order to stop the degradation and loss of use of an item catalogued as unique in the area; adapt an exceptional hydraulic space to public visit, as an eminently representative example of a significant type of construction of the Mallorcan tradition in danger of disappearing; maintain and improve the agricultural, livestock and forestry space of the estate as an example of the cultural landscape of the Serra, and preserve the traditional uses that have drawn the characteristics of the territory.