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Results of the Half Marathon Magaluf


Monday 29th April 2019

Jaouad Tougane wins the Half Marathon Magaluf with a time of 01:07:21 and Sara Anastasia Contin wins with 01:38:11

About 900 people have participated in the 21 and 10 km races

The new circuit has achieved a much faster and attractive race

Jaouad Tougane won the Half Marathon Magaluf with a time of 01:07:21, while in the women's category the victory was for Sara Anastasia Contin with a time of 01:38:11.The race that had outstanding national athletes has taken place in a great atmosphere due to the large number of people in the area and the animation.

Results of the 21 km race

Women's category

Sara Anastasia Contin (Bomberun ASD) 01:38:11
Aina Lozano 01:39:01
Davina Spriggs (RAPTORZ RUNNING CLUB) 01:40:01
Jacinta Deuling 01:40:03

Men's category

Jaouad Tougane 01:07:21
Jose España Comendador (Añares Rioja) 01:07:31
Samir Ait Bouchamane (La Sansi) 01:08:15

Results of the 10 km race

Women's category

Amanda Martin (Malift Mallorcatrail) - 00:38:22
Gabriela Alemany Pujol (C.A. INCA IBEROSTAR) - 00:40:05
Magdalena Grauches Jaume (ADA CALVIÀ) 00:43:25



Men's category

Andreu Tomás Pou (CA VIVA ES RAIGUER) - 00:33:23
Guillem Soler Buades - 00:33:51
Mikkel Knif (HAMMARBY IF) – 00:34:18

Great atmosphere

Runners started at 5.30 p.m. from the Magaluf sports centre under a strong sunshine. Between the two races, almost 900 people participated, who ran along the streets of Magaluf, Son Ferrer and Palmanova in the midst of a great festive atmosphere. The seven animation points deployed throughout the circuit have also collaborated.

The best race experience

Participants of the Half Marathon Magaluf have enjoyed the best race experience. The athletics track facilities have housed all the services at their disposal, such as cloakroom, physiotherapy, showers and a final reinforced and high quality provisioning. And as a souvenir, they received the commemorative T-shirt and the finisher medal.