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Municipal advice to avoid evictions


Monday 20th May 2019


This municipal service has the objective of avoiding the loss of the habitual residence, whether is owned or rented

Specifically, the services offered are as follows:

. Intermediation with financial institutions when people have difficulties with mortgage payments, so that they can get better conditions to continue paying.

. Negotiation with the financial institution in the phase subsequent to the judgment of mortgage eviction in order to obtain the best conditions and avoid as far as possible the house eviction, in order to access a social rental contract or alternative solutions that guarantee the right to a house.

. Advice to persons holding rental contracts for their habitual residence, and intermediation with the owners when the clauses of the contract or the requirements that are made to them do not comply with the regulations in force.

. Guidance on defaults in situations of energy poverty.

. Access to free justice, in the field of housing.

People needing this service must request an appointment at the social service centres, where a social worker will make the first assessment. The telephones are as follows:

. In Palmanova 971132645

. In Santa Ponça 971693351

. In Son Ferrer 971230142

This service is provided at the Municipal Social Services Centre in Palmanova, 2 Diego Salvá Lezaun St.