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BeCalvią and Projecta't train 30 young people


Wednesday 31st July 2019


The Projecta't and BeCalvià scholarships aim to offer a practical experience and work on the development of competences to enter in the labour market

30 young people from the municipality of Calvià have taken part in the scholarship programme offered by the Calvià Town Hall so that the youth of the municipality obtain a practical experience that facilitates entering the labour market and improves the future capacity of students to find a job, as well as favour the development of technical, methodological, personal and participatory skills.

One more year, the mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, accompanied by the deputy mayor of Education and Employment, Olga Granados, received the people who have participated in two of the types of scholarships to take stock of the experience with the scholarship obtained. The mayor informed them of the importance of getting involved in these supports offered by the Town Hall to trace their future work, while thanking private companies for their collaboration.

Eight newly graduates of training cycles and university degrees have taken part in the Projecta't scholarship for 10 months. The training plan involves carrying out internships in municipal departments, complemented by transversal training, with a hundred percent municipal contribution. The new scholarship offers, that will begin again in the month of October, will be published in the second fortnight of August.

The internships have been carried out at the Institut Municipal d'Educació i Biblioteques (IMEB), Procurement and Contracting, Institut Calvianer de l'Esport (ICE), Social Services, Citizen Service, Institut de Formació i Ocupacio de Calvià (IFOC), Culture, Archive, Treasury, Youth, Galatzó Estate and Calvià 2000.

The BeCalvià scholarship counts with the participation of 22 young students of training cycles and university degrees, during July and August (and with the possibility of extension to September). In this case, the internship is carried out in municipal departments or private entities, of different sectors, which assume 50% of the cost of the scholarship.

In this edition, the scholarship holders have studied or are studying: physical therapy; ADE; pharmacy and parapharmacy; biotechnology; product design; electronic, industrial and automatic engineering; journalism; Microcomputer systems and networks; administration and finance; economy; tourism; pedagogy; use and conservation of the natural environment; translation, interpretation and applied languages; biology; physical activity and sports sciences; pre-school education and history.