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Investments to avoid discharges in the sea

Thursday, 8th August 2019


In 2018, more than 2,300 waste removal and extraordinary repairs were carried out, at a cost of 368,191 euros

The Calvià Town Hall, through the municipal company Calvià 2000, carries out numerous actions to prevent and manage discharges on the coastline of the municipality. In this sense, initiatives in 4 ways have taken place and continue to be carried out: investments to improve the Calvià sanitation network and replacement of faulty sections; actions to protect bathing water; maintenance and cleaning of the network, and campaigns aimed at raising public awareness of the need to make good use of the sanitation network.
On the other hand, from the Department of Roads and Works, a series of urban improvement works have been carried out that include improvements in rainwater collection.

Substitution of faulty sections and elimination of black spots
From 2015 to 2019, the investment to replace faulty sections and elimination of black spots is 3,792,888 euros, of which 1,029,774 euros will correspond to 2019. In 2018, this investment experienced a 28% growth over the previous year, in line with the estimated increase for this year.
These are actions of continuous renovation of sanitation networks to prevent and minimize risks of filtration or discharge of wastewater, essential to ensure the correct provision of the service and the efficiency of the system.
In these years, 5,963 metres of sanitation networks and 6,698 metres of supply networks have been renovated, making a total of 12,661 metres of replaced networks. Throughout 2019, the renewed length will double that replaced in 2015.

Bathing water protection actions
The measures adopted in this area are intended to improve the marine environment and bathing areas, and work is carried out in two lines.
In the first place, facilities are carried out for the interception and collection of the receiving waters of rainwater networks from the urban areas, avoiding direct discharge to the sea. The collected water is sent to the treatment plant for proper treatment.
Some of the outstanding works that have been carried out during these years are the installation of the rainwater diversion of the Takume torrent of Santa Ponça and the Carabela-Punta Ballena street of Magaluf, as well as the construction of Torrenova interception pumps and the beach of Magaluf
On the other hand, to improve the water quality on the Palmira beach (Peguera), through a seawater recirculation system, a new pump of greater capacity has been provided (there are currently 3 pumps installed), and new underwater collectors have been extended to cover a larger beach area. This system works providing water from deeper areas towards the coastal zone to lower the temperature and avoid the proliferation of microalgae that alter the color of the water. In addition, the construction of a drive installation on dry land and new recirculation collectors on the Palmira beach are underway.

Cleaning and removal of solids from the sanitation system of Calvià
Solid waste in the sanitation system can cause clogging and breakdowns that cause the network to collapse and subsequent discharges of wastewater.
To avoid these situations, actions are carried out at the impulsion stations (programmed cleaning routes in pits or unblocks and repair of equipment failures related to solid waste in the wastewater); in wastewater treatment plants (scheduled cleaning or related to breakdowns or obstructions due to the presence of solid waste), and in sanitation networks (actions due to clogging in sewers).
Management of the waste removed from the separation of solids made at the entrances of the treatment plants is another action carried out.
The cost of waste removal and extraordinary repairs in sewerage networks, supply stations and treatment plants amounted to 368,191 euros in 2018, with a total of 2,377 actions carried out.
From 2015 to 2018, a total of 3,458 tons of solid waste were removed from the sanitation system.

Awareness campaigns on the proper use of the sanitation network
These campaigns aim to raise public awareness about the proper use of the network to reduce the presence of solid waste in the network.
Worth noting, on the one hand, is the campaign 'No alimentis el monstre', carried out with other companies of the Xarxa d'Aigües Públiques de Mallorca, to raise awareness about the problem that throwing wet wipes down the toilet generates, and, on the other hand, the dissemination of the good practices contained in the new Municipal Ordinance regulating the sanitation network on urban land, in information tents and other means of dissemination aimed at the population and the business sector.

Waste water treatment: 100% target
With the objective of reaching 100% of treated water in the municipality in the long term, outstanding actions are being carried out such as the investment of € 5.3 M in the Santa Ponça treatment plant. These works began in October 2018, and they will multiply by 20 the purified water with tertiary treatment, which will allow its reuse for irrigation and urban uses.
The water regeneration capacity for irrigation of gardens and green areas has doubled with the renewal of the Bendinat treatment plant, while the renewal of the Calvià treatment plant also includes a water regeneration treatment for irrigation.

Rainfall water management improvements in Roads and Works performances
On its behalf, the Department of Roads and Works has also carried out different actions that involve the improvement of rainfall water management. In this sense, some of the most outstanding actions are the renewal of Galió Street in Magaluf and Tarongers, Torà and Pins streets; the renewal of rainfall water management of Avenida del Mar of el Toro and Sol de Mallorca; or the renewal of Jaume I avenue in Santa Ponça, of the Mirador de las Illes Malgrat, amongst others.
Also noteworthy is the improvement on the Magaluf beach rainwater piping, where works have been undertaken to demolish the concrete slabs in the sand area to replace them with Tramex plates, which will facilitate the cleaning of the algae that accumulate below and that caused bad smells.