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39 young people finish their training scholarship


Tuesday 27th August 2019


This morning the diplomas have been awarded to the scholarship holders who have completed their training in different departments of the Calvià Town Hall and companies that have collaborated with the Get Experience, Projecta't and Becalvià Scholarships.

In total, there have been 39 young students or recent graduates who have undertaken these scholarships. 18 people have been trained for 10 months through the
Get Experience and Projecta't scholarships and 21 young people have undertaken the Becalvià 2019 scholarship in private companies and municipal services.

In the diplomas awarding ceremony, the mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, stressed that these scholarships offered by the Calvià Town Hall "are an opportunity and a necessary and fundamental transit between training and working life", adding that «Investing in people, in their training and in their skills is to invest in a better future». Rodríguez Badal wished them good luck and thanked the collaboration of the University of the Balearic Islands in the realisation of the scholarships.

The UIB's rector, Llorenç Huguet, has contributed to this cooperation, noting that the Town Hall of Calvià «has always been an example for other municipalities to also be involved in the collaboration between the University and local administrations, since the first seed was sown by the Town Hall of Calvià ». The rector of the University of the Balearic Islands finally addressed to the young scholarship holders saying that "they can be proud of our University, which has been rated, for the first time, in the top 500 of the Shanghai Ranking."

The mayor and the UIB's rector have presented the diplomas together with the deputy mayor of Education and Employment, Olga Granados, in an act attended also by members of the Municipal Corporation and heads of the departments in which the trainings were made.