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Rei En Jaume Photography Awards 2019


Thursday 28th August 2019


Jaume Gaviño Morey and Alejandra Frontera Orleans, winners of this edition in the categories of unique work and work in series

The mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, has presented this afternoon the rei En Jaume Photography Awards coinciding with the inauguration of the exhibition of photographs of the Premis rei En Jaume 2019 that has taken place this afternoon at the Calvià Town Hall's exhibition hall. The composition of the jury, as well as the results of the contest, have been made public at the event. The event was attended by the deputy mayor, head of the Department of Culture, Nati Francés, and the deputy mayors Marc López and María Carmen Rojano.

On 13th August, after the jury's evaluation of the six works selected at the meeting on 9th July, they unanimously agreed to grant the Premi rei En Jaume unique work to the work “Geometria infinita” (Infinite geometry) by Jaume Gaviño Morey, assessing its formal and compositional quality as well as its adaptation to the theme with a contemporary look on Calvià's architecture; granting the Premi rei En Jaume work in series to the work “Espais i volums” (Spaces and volumes) by Alejandra Frontera Orleans, assessing the formal quality related to the coherent tonal range throughout the series and the ability to transform the aesthetic value of architectural forms and everyday scenes through photography, and declare the Premi rei En Jaume Porfolio deserted.

Three people related to the field of photography and the culture and art of the islands make up the jury: Joan Carles Oliver Torrelló, doctor of Art History and professor of the UIB Art History degree; Marina Ribot Pallicer, graduated in Fine Arts, specialising in Image; and Silvia Prió Viu, a graduate in Fine Arts, visual artist, photographer and photography teacher at the Balearic High School of Design.

The Premis rei En Jaume are held during the months of June, July, August and September and represent a continuation of more than forty years in which, at different stages of their career, they have had some of the most representative artists of the island and have brought together numerous professionals from the world of culture.

In this second edition dedicated to photography, we continue with one of the best recognised and interesting contests of the cultural landscape of the islands, thus stimulating artistic creation and allowing us to know our municipality from various aspects.

For this purpose, in each call a leading theme is established with the objective of generating coherence and linkage between all the works presented. The works must adapt to this theme, either literally or metaphorically. For this year, the theme chosen is «Architecture of Calvià, from the defense towers to the latest avant-garde», comprising -from the middle ages to the present time- buildings, homes, temples, fortifications and similar works, whether of a civil, religious or military nature.

The endowments and categories are as follows: Premi Rei en Jaume unique work, 700 €; Premi Rei en Jaume work in series, 1,000 € (from 2 to 6 photographs); Premi Rei en Jaume portfolio, 1,300 € (between 10 and 20 images).