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Pictures of the rei En Jaume Festivities 2019

Sunday 1st September 2019


Delivery of banners and presentation of the kings

This is a theatrical and musical show in which representatives of all the Moorish and Christian 'colles' in the festivities participate. The Municipal Music Band of Calvià, the 'Gegants' (giants) and the Cavallers of Calvià will take part in the Moorish and Christians parades and battles of the coming days.



XX Giants' gathering of Calvià
This year, the Christian giants turn 20 since their creation, and on Saturday 31
st August the new figures of the King Jaume I and Queen Violant giants were presented in society for the first time.

The presentation, by the mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, took place during the placement of the giants, with the subsequent parade. In addition to the Mallorca giants, the giants of Llinars del Vallès (Barcelona) and the giants of Inca who act as sponsors, also participated in this edition. In total, 34 giants from 15 'colles' participated. In addition to the mayor, the councillors Nati Francés, Marc López, Francisca Muñoz and Marga Plomer attended the event.