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Rental housing aids for young people

 Tuesday 10th September 2019


All requests that meet the requirements will have the municipal grant, with no budget limit

The deadline for submitting the application is open until 8th October


Calvià Town Hall has launched, for the second year, the announcement of rental housing aids for young people in the municipality, which can already be requested until 8th October. These grants were convened for the first time in 2018 to facilitate young people of Calvià not only access but also staying in a rental house. These calls respond to the need to promote policies that address the difficulty citizens and, in particular, the youth of the municipality have to choose staying in Calvià due to the housing costs increase that housing is suffering in general and rental housing in particular in recent times.

This year a novelty is introduced in housing aid: all those applications that meet the requirements of the call will get the aids, regardless of the budget item for this purpose that this year increases by 50%, in the case of aids for young people, going from 50,000 euros to 75,000 euros.

These subsidies are considered as a right, so that no one who meets the requirements will be excluded from the call, since it is envisaged to expand the item if necessary.

The grants are intended for under 35 year-old-people and they may obtain up to 40% of the amount they pay for rent, with a maximum of 3,960 euros yearly per home. A series of requirements have to be fulfilled such as that the rent of the contract is less than or equal to 900 euros, that the income of the family unit is less than 3 times the IPREM (4 or 5 times, in the case of large families), or that no member of the family unit has a home in property, amongst others.

Other criteria such as being a victim of gender violence, people with disabilities or having children under 18 years of age will also be assessed. The deadline for submitting applications is until 8th October and the temporal scope of the aid is one calendar year, from 1st January to 31st December 2019.

The other two lines of subsidies will be convened in October: the general rental housing aids and housing rehabilitation aids. In the 2018 calls, in total, of the three types of aids, 211,873 euros were awarded.

These rental aids are part of the housing promotion policies that the Calvià Town Hall plans to intensify in this legislature.