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Measures for C. de la Calma's sludge plant


Thursday 12th September 2019


The Consell de Mallorca plans to launch, for summer 2020, an electronic sensor detection system, currently active in the Son Reus area, in collaboration with the UIB

Implement an electronic odour sensor system in summer 2020, similar to the one in the Son Reus area, enhance communication between the neighbours and the Consell de Mallorca, protocolise together with the concessionaire the work to be carried out at the plants according to the meteorological conditions to minimise bad odour emissions, and move more frequently the materials treated in this premises to reduce the aerobic fermentation processes, are the measures that the Consell de Mallorca will put into operation to mitigate the bad odours in this area of Mallorca.

The Regional Minister of Sustainability and Environment, Aurora Ribot, has informed the municipal and neighborhood spokespeople of the Calvià Town Hall and Costa de la Calma the actions that, immediately, the Consell de Mallorca will assume to respond the claims of these social groups.

"Until the final closure of the plant we will implement measures to reduce the odour effects in the area," said Ribot. The head of the department, the insular director of Waste, Patricia Arbona, and the service chief Pedro Torres have detailed the various municipal and neighborhood representatives the formulas that will lead to the progressive disappearance of this problem.

The Calvià transfer plant currently treats around 7,000 tons of sludge, 10% of the 70,000 tons in Mallorca. From January to July 2019, sludge treatment in these facilities has been reduced by more than 40% compared to the same period of the previous year.

The electronic odour sensor system will allow a thorough measure of the emission rates, a precondition for reducing their effects amongst the population. The councillor for Environment, Ecological Transition and Citizen Participation of Calvià Town Hall, Marga Plomer, guaranteed the collaboration of the neighbours to notify all possible inconveniences, so that those responsible for the insular waste service can avoid certain treatments depending on the weather conditions. The meeting was also attended by the deputy mayor for Environment, Ecological Transition and Citizen Participation of the Calvià Town Hall, Rafel Sedano.

(Press release of the Consell de Mallorca)