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Proposal to deny licence in protected area


Monday 16th September 2019


The request for a declaration of general interest was already reported negatively as it is an area of special protection and high landscape value

Calvià Town Hall proposes to deny the licence to build a rural hotel in the area known as 'Na Baiana' munitions dump, in the municipality of Calvià. The Local Government Board meeting today has decided to make this denial proposal considering that the requested change of use cannot be granted because it is an area of special protection and with a high landscape value, since 'Na Baiana' munitions dump has a rating of protected rustic land in its ANEI category (Natural Area of Special Interest). In addition, the military buildings in the area are in the catalogue of properties to be protected in the municipality of Calvià, and the intention of the Town Hall is to increase its degree of protection in the General Plan revision.

The proposal presented by the developer that owns the buildings in the munitions dump, which were abandoned in 1998 and subsequently put up for auction, implied the change of uses of the disused military facilities and the construction of a new building to turn them into a rural hotel.

In the course of the application process, the Calvià Town Hall had already informed unfavourably about the declaration of general interest requested by the developer in July 2017, in line with the commitment to territorial protection and the non-development of high landscape value spaces.

Today, after the whole process, the Local Government Board has decided to deny the requested licence for the change of use to locate a rural hotel, based on the restrictions determined by the General Plan of Calvià (PGOU), the Territorial Planning Guidelines (DOT) ) and the Law of Natural Spaces (LEN).

Now, as established by the regulations, the developer has a hearing procedure so that within 15 days he or she can present allegations or the documents he or she deems appropriate before agreeing to the denial.