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Budget project 2020


Friday 13th December 2019


More than 100 million euros for next year, an increase of almost 5% compared to 2019

Calvià Town Hall presents the Budget 2020 draft that will be discussed in the extraordinary Plenary that will take place next Wednesday 18th December.

The municipal accounts for next year exceed 100 million euros, specifically 100,782.040,44 euros, representing an increase of 4.85% compared to the 2019 budget.

The repayment of debt that has been made throughout 2019 of 19.651.868,38 euros, adding ordinary and extraordinary repayment (in the latter case about 11.7 million euros have been amortised) allows an increase in investment for the year 2020 of 112'33% compared to 2019, reaching 8.584,997 euros.

The increase in investments will allow, amongst other projects, to carry out important actions such as the start of the Magaluf beach promenade and the first phase of the Calvià walking promenade between El Toro and Santa Ponça, as well as plans to improve sidewalks and asphalting and street lighting.

Amongst the novelties, special emphasis is placed on being able to respond to housing problems, so the Municipal Housing Office will be created and the aids for the purchase of the first home will be re-established, in addition to improving the existing ones.

The 2020 budgets also reflect the effort that will be made to modernise the administration, with the aim of providing a better and faster service to the citizenship with actions such as the acquisition of a platform to launch the electronic administration and the new institutional website with open data.

The other outstanding actions, as well as the detailed budget, are explained in this pdf.