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Photovoltaic solar energy in Calvią 2000


Friday 20th December 2019

Calvià 2000 will prevent the emission of 45 tons of CO2 annually into the atmosphere with the installation of photovoltaic panels

95,000 euros have been invested and about 12,000 euros are expected to be saved annually

The municipal company Calvià 2000 has installed two photovoltaic solar plants in its Ses Barraques buildings, where it has the mechanical workshop and the environmental maintenance and Punto Verde (Green Point) facilities, at the Son Bugadelles industrial estate.

With this project, the public company will be able to avoid the emission of 45 tons of CO2 annually into the atmosphere, reducing the consumption of fossil fuels and contributing to the environmental and social benefit, and saving about 12,000 euros per year in electricity expenditure.

The photovoltaic panels, with a combined power of 80.2 kWp, will provide the two buildings with a certain degree of energy self-sufficiency. Specifically, the Landfill will achieve - in the month of January, when they come into operation - 95% of electrical coverage, and 34% in the mechanical workshop.