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Data on housing rental aids

Monday, 23rd December 2019


In 2020 the budget for housing rental aids is increased and new features are introduced, such as aids for the purchase of a first house or rental aids for gender-based violence victims

The Calvià Town Hall has granted this year 255,206.80 euros of aids for the housing rentals, which is double, 108% more than the amount handed out in 2018. Of these, 213,278.80 euros were for general rentals, and 41,928 euros were for youth rental. In total, there have been 90 people that have benefited from these aids that fulfilled the requirements in the call, which represent 73% of the applicants, 73% more than in 2018.

In 2019, rental aids have already been considered as a right, granting all requests that met the requirements, extending the allocated budget if necessary.

By 2020 the Calvià Town Hall not only maintains these aids, but also increases the budget from 150,000 euros to 175,000 euros.

Looking forward to next year, there are other nolvelties. As for the rental aids for young people (under 35 years), these can reach up to 50% of the rental price, instead of 40%, to facilitate emancipation of the municipality's young people.

On the other hand, and also as a novelty, in 2020, 200,000 euros will be allocated for aids for purchaing a first home, and 20,000 euros for rental aids for gender-based violence victims.

In addition, the Municipal Housing Office will be created next year, which will have public servants to meet the objectives of housing policies that are considered a strategic and priority axis in this legislature.