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The remains of Joan Ferrą Ferrą are confirmed

 Monday 30th December 2019


Calvià Town Hall shares the emotion with the family of Joan Ferrà Ferrà after it has been confirmed that part of the human remains found in October 2018 in the common grave of Calvià cemetery correspond to Joan Ferrà.

The identification has been possible thanks to the DNA tests carried out by the Sociedad Aranzadi based on samples of the relatives, within the framework of the 2018-2019 Exhumations Plan, and also thanks to the tenacity of the family in wanting to find their relative.

Joan Ferrà Ferrà, born in Puigpunyent, lived in Galilea, married and with two children, a day laborer, was 36 years old when on 16th August 1936 he was arrested by a group of Falangists from Calvià and Andratx, who were to take him together with three more men, towards Palma, but actually the truck headed towards Calvià. At the km. 15.7 of the road from Palma to Calvià the vehicle stopped, they were brought down by guns with the intention of killing them. Two of the four men managed to escape, however the other two, Joan Ferrà and Cristòfol Barceló, were shot dead right there. It was the morning of 23rd August 1936. Since then, their families have not stopped looking for them.

Calvià Town Hall will be with the family to support them at the time of delivery of the remains. Joan Ferrà Ferrà, as well as all the people who were retaliated, killed and transferred to Calvià cemetery will continue to be remembered at the Espai per la Memòria that was inaugurated at the Walk for the Memory of 2019.