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The ORA regulation returns on 8th June

  Thursday 4th June 2020


As of 8th June, the suspension of the organisation and regulation of parking on public roads (ORA) in Calvià is partially lifted, so from Monday 8th June, parking in these regulated areas will have to be paid, after the 2-month postponement due to the state of alarm produced by the Covid-19 crisis.

The lifting of the suspension is partial, since it will be conditioned by the possible authorisation of occupation of public roads of the parking spaces in the restaurant premises.

Residents in the ORA zone pay a fee with which they obtain the ORA zone resident card. In order for residents to pay the corresponding fee and obtain the resident card, there is a deadline to obtain it of fifteen calendar days from the lifting of the suspension and until 22nd June.

In order to process the ORA CARD as well as the application form, you have the following options (since it will be attended in person ONLY for procedures in which online or telephone attention is not possible):

1.- Telematically through the Common Electronic Register of the General State Administration, in case of having a digital certificate or DNIe. In the event that the application is processed through the electronic register, the required documentation must be provided as annexes to the information on this procedure, together with a model of the ORA CARD REQUEST.

2.- By APPLICATION FORM, according to what is established by the Mayor's Decree dated 28th April 2020, to submit applications. This form will be available on 8th June and until 24th July 2020.

3.- In person by appointment in the General Registry of the Calvià Town Hall. Starting on 8th June, you can request a prior appointment to carry out this procedure.

4.- In any of the forms provided for in Law 39/2015, of 1st October, of the common administrative procedure of public administrations.

Instructions for completing the procedures online: LINK


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Information for residents (+) 

Request for the ORA / ACIRE card (+)