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Find out about organic waste collection


Monday 19th July 2021

Calvià begins the installation of organic waste containers in the municipality

It will start in Son Caliu, Son Ferrer and Galatzó in a first phase

People signing up for the organic waste collection will receive a card to open the waste container


In July begins in Calvià, through the public company Calvià 2000, the implementation of the selective collection of organic waste with the installation of waste containers that will be gradually located throughout the municipality, except in the traditional centres of Calvià and es Capdellà where the door-to-door selective collection has already been carried out for a year.

The collection will be done by the implementation of the fifth closed brown waste container that will require the use of a card to open it. These waste containers are installed on the street next to the the other ones that are already installed in the municipality.

The selective collection of organic matter requires the material to be deposited free of improper waste that may hinder subsequent treatment, therefore only people who are really interested in carrying out this waste separation and have been informed on the material delivery points, will have access to the waste container.

The installation of waste containers will begin in Son Caliu, with 27 units for this area, and will continue, in this first phase, in Son Ferrer and Galatzó.

The information point will be installed this week in Son Caliu, on 22nd, 23rd and 24th July, where, in addition to explaining the mechanism and answering questions, material will be delivered: a 10-litre ventilated bucket, a packet of 15 compostable bags and the identification card to open the waste container. Previously, a letter is sent to the homes to inform them on the initiative.

The deputy mayor and president of Calvià 2000, Marcos Pecos, explains that the use of the waste container, which is opened with a card associated with the address, will allow future compensation to be applied to those neighbours participating in the organic waste collection. For this reason, and because of the impact it will have on the environment, he encourages them to sign up for separate collection.