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Strategic Local Employment Plan 2021-2023


Monday 30th August 2021

Calvià Town Hall launches a Strategic Plan for Local Employment 2021-2023

Calvià launches its Strategic Local Employment Plan 2021-2023 (PEOL), which will serve as the guiding axis to guide active employment policies for the next three years and, at the same time, will allow to establish the foundations of the work lines in orientation, intermediation, training and entrepreneurship in the territory, in a 2021 to 2030 horizon.

The document has been prepared in an integrated manner and following the Spanish and European strategy and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) focused on facing global challenges. In order to establish a realistic Action Plan that responds to the needs of the citizens, the PEOL has based on a careful socioeconomic analysis of the municipality, which has allowed defining objectives and strategic lines, which aim to turn Calvià into a sustainable tourism destination, which takes advantage of the digitisation opportunities offered by technological change and reduces tensions between the tourism industry, the environment and citizens.

Broadly speaking, the Plan includes a general objective and 7 specific objectives that frame Calvià as a safe and sustainable tourist destination within a diverse and inclusive municipality. The objectives focus, amongst other aspects, on continuing the task of renewing tourism products with diversified activities throughout the year, as well as strengthening and promoting both the business fabric and talent and good tasks.

In addition, 3 strategic axes are presented focused on economic reactivation, the protection of heritage and the environment, as well as social cohesion. At a practical level, a total of 32 projects and actions have been defined basically focused on activities such as guidance and support for employment and quality hiring, training, professional requalification and lifelong learning, and the promotion of entrepreneurship and social development.

From the Calvià Training and Employment Institute (IFOC), in the legislature project from 2019 to 2023, the need and desire to prepare a strategic document to address local employment in the municipality was already raised. With this objective in mind, the "Calvià Desarrollo Local" project was submitted to the SOIB call for subsidies to carry out local development projects, which includes, amongst other actions in the field of employment, the hiring of three Employment and Local Development Agents (AEDL), for a period of three years, and the preparation and implementation of this Strategic Plan for Local Employment. It should be noted that the AEDLs are part of a Local Development Network with the aim of supporting local economic and employment initiatives and establishing synergies between the public administrations and the SOIB.