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Investments in sports facility improvements


Wednesday 16th February 2022


In recent months, Calvià Town Hall has changed the Son Ferrer pavilion flooring, has installed roofs on three football pitches and has begun to replace spotlights with LED technology

Calvià Town Hall, through the Calvià Sports Institute, has carried out a series of important investments in recent months to improve different sports facilities in the municipality. These actions have involved a total of 270.723,87 euros.

One of the most important actions has been the replacement of the Son Ferrer pavilion pavement, one of the most used sports playgrounds in the municipality, since in the mornings the facility hosts the IES Son Ferrer educational activities and in the afternoons, the Son Ferrer Atlético five-a-side indoor football Club and the Son Ferrer Volleyball Club do their training sessions.

The mayor, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, visited the pavilion accompanied by the Deputy Mayor for Sports, Eva Serra, and the Son Ferrer councillor, Alfonso Molina.

With this action, which has involved an investment of 109.941,53 euros, the old pavement, which due to its deterioration made different sports difficult, has been replaced by a sports system with an elastic area and multilayer wood.

It is planned, in the coming months, to also carry out the replacement of the Galatzó Pavilion pavement, with the same type of floor as that of Son Ferrer.

Another of the improvements that have been made has been the installation of roofs for the football and rugby pitches stands. Specifically, on the Santa Ponça sports centre footbal pitch, on the Son Caliu rugby and football pitches, and on the Julián Ronda football pitch in Costa d'en Blanes.

The works, which have cost 106.346,45 euros, have overcome the need to have a covered space for the public that attends competitions and training sessions at these facilities.
On the other hand, the perimeter closure of the 7-a-side football pitch and the Son Caliu sports court has been carried out, which has involved an investment of 14.435,89 euros.

Finally, a replacement of LED spotlights has been carried out on the Magaluf sports centre football pitch. This action, which has entailed a cost of 40.000 euros, is part of an investment plan by Calvià Town Hall to replace the current lighting of all the municipal football pitches with LED technology. This technology, in addition to representing significant energy savings, improves the quality of light necessary for the sports practice.