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Calvią commemorates World Forest Day


Friday 18th March 2022


With different activities to raise awareness amongst the population

World Forest Day is commemorated on Monday 21st March, and for this reason Calvià Town Hall, through the Department of the Environment, has organised a series of activities.

The councillor for the Environment and Ecological Transition, Rafel Sedano, explains that it is a day that invites reflection around the world, and Calvià joins this reflection with educational and informative actions on the values and importance of forests. Sedano recalls that “more forests means better health and life quality for everyone. Increasing the surface of forests makes life grow, it helps to improve the climate and compensates for pollution and the human footprint, therefore, to maintain the quality of the planet we must reduce the consumption of forested territory and increase the existing one”.

Thus, “El garrover de l'enamorada” a Pere Morey storytale will be told by Toni Rubio on Saturday, at 10.30 am, at the Casal des Capdellà. A "Baño de Bosque", a way of immersing in the natural environment to connect in a special way with nature will take place on Monday 21st, at 4 p.m., at the Galatzó Estate. Finally, a reforestation will be carried out with ses Quarterades AMIPA on Sunday 27th.

The United Nations Organisation for Food and Agriculture (FAO) has been commemorating this date since 1971, with the aim of raising public awareness on the importance of forest ecosystems and trees, as well as the loss of forest mass of our planet and the need to preserve forests as lungs for humanity.

- Saturday 19th March, Storytelling: El garrover de l'enamorada, at the Casal des Capdellà. Prior registration on https://forms.gle/ZwhwoQzsQ2MQan9L7

- Monday 21st March, Baño de bosque, at the Galatzó Public Estate. Registration on https://forms.gle/2qkNBotFGGMaRggZ8

For more information: mediambient@calvia.com