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Meeting with Calvią Erasmus+ youths


Thursday 12th May 2022


A group of 20 youths from Calvià have carried out a youth exchange in the Italian village of Bergolo, within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme, together with 10 youths from Italy and 10 from Greece.

For 10 days, from 14th to 23rd April, and in a project called Teach and Learn, they have been able to live in a more ecological, sustainable and healthy way. In this project, they have shared leisure and educational experiences with these young people from the European Union, getting to know other environments and realities and learning the skills of a rural community, in a small village at the foot of the Italian Alps with only 53 inhabitants.

Yesterday afternoon, in the youth space Es Generador, the deputy mayor for Citizen Participation and Youth, Marga Plomer, welcomed the twenty young people, in a meeting in which they explained the experiences lived during this exchange. Plomer conveyed to them that “With the geopolitical situation we are experiencing, programmes such as Erasmus+ support a citizenry that is supportive and committed to freedom. You, the young people of Calvià, have enjoyed a unique opportunity to live with other realities and share life experiences. A way to enrich your non-formal education and broaden your European vision».

These projects, which are part of the Erasmus+ programme, allow young people to acquire skills in foreign languages and skills such as empathy, youth empowerment and discover their own talents or abilities, as well as meet people with whom they have not had contact before, thus overcoming limits such as shyness and insecurity.

They also learn to work as a team, to understand different opinions, discover other realities or solve and help resolve conflicts that may arise.