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Magaluf will have 39 more public protection houses


Tuesday, 4th July 2023


The mayor Juan Antonio Amengual has indicated that "facilitating access to housing for families and young people in Calvià is a priority of the municipal Government"

The houses, intended for sale, will have one, two or three rooms

The Local Government Board of Calvià Town Hall has approved the basic project for the construction of 39 public protection homes with one, two and three bedrooms, as well as car parks. The mayor of Calvià, Juan Antonio Amengual, has indicated that "giving continuity to this urban development represents an important boost to increase the supply of officially protected housing under the general regime" and added that "facilitating access to housing for families and young people of Calvià is a priority of the municipal Government”.

The building will be located on Olivera St. in Magaluf, next to other plots where other public housing developments have already been built. The project is structured in two blocks that will occupy 1.024 square metres. In total, 27 one-bedroom, 6 two-bedroom and 6 three-bedroom homes will be offered for sale. The construction period is two years and will be carried out by the private developer Pavimentos y Hormigones Carreras S.A., which has budgeted the development at 2.6 million euros.

People registered as pre-awardees must be part of the list of applicants for subsidised housing for purchase in the municipality of Calvià provided by IBAVI and meet certain legal and financial requirements.

The 2.884-square-metre plot is a strategic land reservation whose basic project meets the requirements and characteristics of cost optimisation, functional and architectural quality, and implementation of environmental measures typical of subsidised housing. As an example, the orientation of the houses is north-south and they take advantage of the entrance of the sea breezes. In addition, the landscape integration requirements are met, that is, all the buildings will form a unitary urban and architectural complex with the buildings of two other plots. Currently, there are already two blocks that offer 48 subsidised homes for rent.