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IFOC promotes the 'Calvią School Restaurant'

 Calvià, 15th September 2023


Calvià Town Hall, through the "Calvià Employment and Vocational Training Institute" (IFOC), is promoting contacts with business associations to coordinate a public-private collaboration with the aim of carrying out training programmes. This collaboration would consist of the IFOC managing different training programmes, channeling all public aid. These programmes are intended to provide both, initial training and training aimed at improving the skills and competencies of active workers. For their part, entrepreneurs will offer spaces and facilities located in the municipality of Calvià where to develop these programmes.

In this line of work, a meeting took place between Manuel Mas, deputy mayor responsible for the training area; Simón Fuentes, delegate councillor for the IFOC; Alfonso Robledo, president of Restauración Mallorca; and Fernando Palmer, IFOC's manager. At this meeting, the training programmes that can be carried out were presented, such as vocational training to obtain professional certificates in the hospitality sector (restaurant, bar, etc.) for unemployed people, training specialties aimed at employed people who wish to retrain, language or occupational risk prevention courses, and other transversal skills useful for employment. At the end of the meeting, it was agreed to draw up a protocol of actions to sign a collaboration agreement between Restauración Mallorca and Calvià Town Hall.