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What is the IFOC?

IFOC stands for Institute of Training and Employment Calvià (in catalan). We are a municipal body exclusively dedicated to promote quality employment between neighbours in our municipality. Although we have programmes for every person in laboral age and in any laboral situation: looking for a job, active job, businessman or a person creating his own business.

What do we do?

Management agency of municipal placement, programs for unemployed people for working in the municipals services, support to the municipals job boards and the development of events like the Employment and Entrepreneurship Fair of Calvià among others.       

Programs and training actions directed to improve the job search. We distinguish the program Launcher with the foundation Santa Mª La Real and the municipal orientation service.

Formation courses of officials degrees about: languages, tourism, hostelry, environment, administration, business, own training with short duration in instructives matters and new technologies, new trends, socials network, marketing on-line, creation and formation of management and commercial business (accounting, taxation, labour, sales, business plan).

We promote the entrepreneurial spirit, information and counseling to entrepreneurs, companies and business of Calvia for free. On the other hand, we offer a physical place where you can develope your business: Coworking.

We offer to the businessmen and freelance a service of intermediation and selection of personnel for the company or the business.                                       

We work  hand in hand with the SOIB, the Conselleria de Treball, Comerç i Industria, the Conselleria d’Educació de Balears and others private and public institution, located in Calvia.      

How do we help you?

Actually in the IFOC we offer differents possibilities of contact, from personal attention in our offices in Palmanova to signing-up the specific activities through www.ifoc.es or using social networks.

Where can you find us?
Diego Salvà Lezaun, 2, 07181 Palmanova (Calvià)  
Phone number: 971 13 46 13    
Fax:  971 68 30 90           
















The Institut de Formació i Ocupació de Calvià (ifoc) works hard to boost the economic activity of the municipality through the professional improvements of its citizens, the promotion of the enterprising spirit and the study of the entrepreneurial surrounding.

For this, the ifoc collaborates with all the social and economic agents which act in Calvià and counts on a human team that develops innovating projects.

Among other services, in the ifoc you can find:

  • Setting Agency
  • Occupational Formation
  • Professional Orientation
  • Assessment for the creation of companies
  • Class-room with free access to the internet for the research and improvement of employment
  • Calvià Innovative Company Creation Contest




Direction: C/ Diego Salvà Lezaun, 2 - 07181 Palmanova (Calvià)

Telephone: 971 134 613

Fax: 971 683 090 

e-mail: info@ifoc.es