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Excavating Campaign 2004

The excavation campaign for 2004 at the tumulus de Son Ferrer has been operating since the month of January.  The basic aims of this years campaign are the following:

  • Excavation of the burial cave situated under the tumulus and study of the materials found
  • Restoration and consolidation of the most significant materials recovered from the tumulus during the different excavation campaigns.
  • Excavation of the SW area of the tumulus, the only part still left in the exterior area to be excavated. 
  • Restoration and consolidation of the tumulus, both at an architectural level and structural.
  • Adaptation of the tumulus, so that it can be integrated into the Calvia Promenade ( Passeig Calvià) and so enable it to be visited.
  • Undertake a series of talks and guided visits to the tumulus for the primary school pupils at the different schools in Calvia.


Cave 18/6/04



At the moment, the excavation of the burial cave and the SW exterior area of the tumulus is continuing. The restoration and adaption of the tumulus have now been finished, and are waiting to be integrated to the  Passeig Calvià. The school visits has also been finalized, although they will probably be repeated in the next school year.