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Walking Excursions

Walking Excursions

For further information: www.visitcalvia.com


  1. Choose a walk that is in accord with your physical abilities.
  2. Always let someone know of where you intend to walk (for example: hotel reception).
  3. It is not wise to walk alone; better to go with someone else.
  4. The conditions of a route can vary a great deal in bad weather; check the meteorological report before you go, especially towards the end of summer, autumn and spring.
  5. Wear suitable clothing, and adequate footwear. Always carry extra clothing, and a waterproof.
  6. Take plenty of water, and enough food provisions; sometimes a walk can take longer than you think.
  7. A small first-aid kit is always useful.
  8. Do not wander off the marked routes.
  9. Be aware during the shooting season, when the routes cross permitted game-shooting areas. (Check at the nearest Tourist Information Office).
  10. Do not light fires.
  11. Respect the environment, leaving no signs of having passed through, and taking all your rubbish back with you.
  12. And, above all, ¡do not take any risks!  (Example: trying to return by a different route, or trying to get from one walk to another over unchartered terrain).