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Appointment service

The Calvia Town Hall's “Citizens' Attention Services” has restarted the personal attention service, but only to attend "essential" procedures that cannot be carried out online. We would remind you that Calvia Town Hall has put alternative methods at the disposal of citizens to carry out their procedures (telematic, telephone and social networks), and CORPORATE ENTITIES (companies, entities) must present documents by way of the Electronic Registry system ONLY.

Attention will be provided BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, as a preventive measure against the coronavirus, to reduce the number of people who come to the offices, reducing waiting times in communal areas. In this phase, the public attention services that will be provided in the offices will only be those that, in addition to being considered essential, are those that can be attended to due to the restricted volume of public influx during the current health situation.

Ask for an APPOINTMENT AT THE TOWN HALL for the following procedures:- Registration as a resident of the municipality (empadronamiento), registration and application for the start of the school year grants (PROCEDURE 'TRÁMITE': SAC ) Further information on registering as a resident (empadronamiento): tel. 971 139188, email ; registration/presentation of documents: tel. 971 139149 ; start of the school year grants: email - ajutsdellibres@calvia com) Licensing Dept. (ACTIVIDADES): administrative consultation or technical consultation (PROCEDURE 'TRÁMITE': ACTIVIDADES) Further information: tel. 971 139100, email Archive (ARCHIVO): consultation of files or copies of plans (PROCEDURE 'TRÁMITE': ARCHIVO) Further information: tel. 971 139153 Commerce/business (COMERCIO): (PROCEDURE 'TRÁMITE': COMERCIO) Further information: tel. 971 139156, email comercio@calvia. com) Contracts dept. (CONTRATACIÓN): (PROCEDURE: CONTRATACIÓN) Fines, technical consultation and inspection of files. Also consultations regarding traffic and bylaws (PROCEDURE 'TRÁMITE': INFRACCIONES, SANCIONES Y DISCIPLINA) Further information: tel. 971 139187, email Citizen participation (PARTICIPACIÓN CIUDADANA): (PROCEDURE 'TRÁMITE': PARTICIPACIÓN CIUDADANA) Urban planning (URBANISMO): administrative consultation or technical consultation (PROCEDURE 'TRÁMITE': URBANISMO) Further information: tel. 971 139105, email 

Or at the MUNICIPAL SERVICE CENTRE (CENTRO MUNICIPAL DE SERVICIOS) in Palmanova for information and payment procedures (PROCESS 'TRÁMITE': INFORMACIÓN Y PAGOS SERVICOS DE RECAUDACIÓN) Tax/rates management (IAE, refuse, land management, capital gains, vehicles) (PROCESS 'TRÁMITE': GESTIÓN DE TRIBUTOS) Further information: tel. 971 699905, email gestiotribut@calvia. com) Debt collection and fines: (PROCEDURE 'TRÁMITE': RECAUDACIÓN DE DEUDAS Y SANCIONES) Further information: tel. 971 699905, email gestiotribut@calvia.comCitizens' Attention Services for registration/presentation of documents, ORA (blue zone, population - registration as a resident of the municipality (empadronamiento), etc. (PROCEDURE 'TRÁMITE': SERVICIOS DE ATENCIÓN AL CIUDADANO)

To request an APPOINTMENT with the Housing Dept. you must call: 971 699900 or email: 


We inform you that:
- Attention will be individual - only one person at a time, except for dependent people, people who require a translator (although we have Town Hall translators available) or adults with minors in their care (only when this is unavoidable).
- You must come with a mask.
- Hydroalcoholic gel will be provided for hand disinfection before being attended to.
- To guarantee social distancing in the waiting area, access to the building will be controlled. If necessary, people may have to wait outside the building. For this reason, we ask for maximum punctuality.
- Interpersonal distances of 2 metres must be maintained at all times and the indicated direction signs inside the buildings must be respected.

We remind you that any telematic procedure can be carried out through, a site to which the necessary services will be gradually added, in order to avoid unnecessary journeys for our citizens.