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Calvią against sexist violence

Monday 14th June 2021

Calvià Town Hall has taken part in the rally called by the FEMP against sexist violence


Shocked and deeply saddened, we continue to be dismayed by the cruel event of little Anna and Olivia. Since we began to know the results of the investigation that confirmed that what we feared had happened, all without exception have felt attacked and all without exception have put ourselves in the place of Beatriz, the mother, the family and friends. Nothing can repair the loss, but we do not stop accompanying them and being with them with all our affection and closeness, with all our solidarity.

Unfortunately, the terrible event of the girls in Tenerife has not been the only one in recent hours with the same common denominator: sexist violence. In Estepa, Seville, we have known the tragedy of Rocío, 17 years old; and a few days before, not even a month ago, five women murdered, one of them pregnant, and a murdered child as well.

For all of them, we have met in silence in front of our Town Halls this Monday 14th June.

For the 41 children murdered since 2013 by sexist violence and for the 1.096 women killed since 2003 by sexist violence.

Let us join actively, tirelessly, against sexist violence.

Calvià against sexist violence.