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PGOU - Town and County Planning Plan

In 1996 the revisión of the Town and County Planning Plan of 1991 was initiated. On 11  Julio  2000 it was finally approved by the Insular Urbanization Commision, as in compliance with the iniciative nº 1 of the Local Agenda 21.


  1. Declassification of 1.660 hectars of building land and  reduction of the population ceiling.
  2. Consolidation of 82,4% of rustic land against  17,6% of urban or building land.
  3. Limitation of the speed of growth on urban land: This growth will be slowed down in a way that it won't exceed 1% annual.
  4. Construction of new buildings with ecological criteria, more environment friendly.
  5. Promotion of housing belonging to a subsidized plan, either of a public or private nature and in different centres of population.
  6. Integral rehabilitation of the tourist and residential areas. 
  7. Hotel growth 0: new tourist uses are prohibited except for 4 or 5 stars.
  8. Reconversion and modernization of commercial and restaurant premises.
  9. The Passeig Calvià promenade is a link to unite the municipality: creation of a network of enviromental and landscape routes of interest  and that this park-way is offered as an alternative to the Ponent motorway.