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'Return Trip' - Choose a return ticket


Thursday 4th April  2019

'Return Trip' - Choose a return ticket

A campaign is launched to avoid harmful and dangerous behaviours due to alcohol consumption amongst young leisure tourism

Calvià launches the Return Trip campaign, in English and Spanish, aimed at young people between 15 and 29 years old, especially from the United Kingdom and Ireland, in order to avoid harmful and dangerous behaviour amongst young people. It is a campaign included in the different actions launched to fight against drunkenness tourism.

The slogan, Return Trip, wants to draw tourists' attention and emphasise on how important behaviour is during holidays. The campaign is focussed on sending an emotional message to inform tourists that excesses can cost them dearly.

This campaign neither seeks to send a negative message nor report on fines or regulations (which is already being done in other ways), but cause emotional reaction and make young people think, showing them all they can lose, and the damage that can be caused to their beloved ones if they do not change their behaviour.

The main message is simple and short: Have fun. Understand the risks. Know your limits. Choose a Return Trip. The secondary phrase, Mixing fun and alcohol can be very dangerous, complements and explains the possible outcome of certain behaviour.

The pictures illustrating the campaign send the final emotional message:

This campaign is designed to be exported and operate in traditional printed formats (outdoor advertising, posters, beer mats, stickers, etc.) and, especially, on digital media (social media, video, web, etc.), and without the Town Hall's identification logo - except in some cases - to achieve greater virality. Welcome brochures for people who come to work in the municipality's tourist sector are also planned, so they too get this information.

The intention is to involve as many institutions and people as possible so that the campaign reaches the right audience. This is why it is open, so that other institutions and organisations can use it. Return Trip was presented last Friday at the Calvià Tourism Forum meeting, in which different Town Hall departments, municipal groups and business and social entities of the municipality were represented.

The Town Hall has also contacted Georgia Hague, a young British woman who works in Magaluf and that has launched an informative action to promote fun without excesses with posters for young people who go, above all, to the Punta Ballena area in Magaluf. Georgia Hague is committed to help spread this campaign on her social media.

Likewise, and in line with the usual collaboration with the British Consulate in the Balearic Islands, the campaign has been presented to the vice-consul who has also shown her willingness to disseminate the campaign in the United Kingdom.

The mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, has pointed out that incidents and accidents that occur in some tourist destinations are caused by excessive alcohol consumption, and this is a problem that cannot be ignored.

The campaign's website www.returntrip.eu, the video, and all the material to share, are already available.