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Partyboat fined


Tuesday 9th April 2019



Clients were able to access the boat thanks to the fact that the dock door had been forced

The Magaluf dock has access through a metal gate that has been recently forced. Officers of the Local Police of Calvià initiated an investigation to clarify the vandalic act's authors and on Saturday at noon they set up a monitoring device to find out if it was used by any partyboat company. The policemen caught the offenders in flagrante, since they knew by an Internet advertising of a partyboat catamaran to the lighthouse. The partyboat gathered about 180 tourists from the same entertainment centre in Magaluf, most with a T-shirt with the inscription "Tans will fade but the memories will last". From the outside, the local police saw that the catamaran had alcoholic beverages and a draft beer dispenser.

The partyboat's operating company will be prohibited from reusing the dock and will also have to pay a fine between € 600 and € 1,500. Before this event and in order to improve security, the door will be reinforced and will have a key system that can be individually and remotely deactivated. The Calvià Town Hall will comply with the agreement signed in October last year with APEAM (Maritime Activities Employers Association of the Balearic Islands) and will deactivate the dock access to those partners who violate the agreement by which they are allowed on the dock as long as they do not organise partyboats.

The agreement understands partyboat as the excursions that are offered and run as a party, in which alcohol is offered on an all-inclusive basis or under promotions that encourage massive alcohol consumption, are enlivened by playing music at high volume and / or play games of sexual content or that denigrate the moral integrity of participants.

The Local Police of Calvià officers have reported on everything that happened and collected photographs that demonstrate the facts, therefore the company will be prohibited from using the dock again. On the other hand, as this partyboat has been announced on the Internet, a sanctioning file of the coexistance ordinance has been opened, which may involve a penalty of up to € 1,500.