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Intergenerational meetings in the Llar


Friday 25th October 2019


IES Bendinat students and residents of the Senior Citizens' Home establish bonds that raise youth awareness on the most vulnerable people

Las historias que nos unen (The stories that unite us) is the project that is being carried out in the Senior Citizens' Home of Calvià with the Bendinat Secondary Obligatory Education Centre students. These are intergenerational meetings, which have been held throughout this month, the first of which took place on 16th October.

The project consists of a series of regular meetings organised by different educational centres of the municipality, together with the staff of the Llar, with the aim of strengthening relations between the elderly of the municipal residence and the youth of the municipality. The link is created by carrying out educational and recreational activities that promote mutual knowledge, favouring and encouraging the transmission of social values to youth generations, taking advantage of the elderly's human knowledge.

More meetings are planned over the next few months, in which the students collect the legacy of the stories (real or invented, legends or stories) that the users of the Llar transmit to them, and that, subsequently, they work on in the classroom.

The intergenerational meetings have as objectives: to promote positive links between members of the community, actively contribute to the emotional and psychological well-being of the elderly, raise the students awareness on the elderly, collect the cultural legacy of the Llar residents and prepare a "Storytelling" with reworked stories.