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Tribute to Franco regime's Calvią victims


Friday 8th October 2021

Tribute to Franco regime's Calvià victims

The Tribute to the victims of the Franco regime in Calvià, organised by Memòria Democràtica de Calvià, with the collaboration of Memòria de Mallorca and Calvià Town Hall, has taken place today.

Calvià cemetery has been the place where, in addition, the anniversary of the grave's opening on 8th October 2018, has been commemorated.

The ceremony was presented by Manel Suárez, author of the Calvià pit report. The families of reprisals made interventions around Franco regime's Calvià victims, and the mayor Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, the councillor of Memòria Democràtica Rafel Sedano, and the general director of Democratic Memory of the Govern Marco Herrera also made statements, to pay tribute to the victims.

The event, which featured musical performances by the cellist Jorge Solano, concluded with a flower offering at Calvià Cemetery Memorial Space that was inaugurated at the 2019 'Caminada per la Memòria'.