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64 people hired through SOIB Reactiva


Thursday 2nd December 2021


• In the previous call for the Programme, Calvià Town Hall and its municipal bodies hired 106 unemployed people

• This call prioritises the hiring of people from Calvià, of which 50% are over 30 years of age

The 64 unemployed people hired by Calvià Town Hall, through the SOIB Reactiva 2021 programme, begin their work activities. The hiring is full-time to carry out works and services of social interest that will benefit the entire municipality.

The SOIB Reactiva 2021 Programme is an initiative launched by the SOIB that is implemented within the framework of collaboration with local corporations, and is configured as an active policy to promote employment. This programme, which for Calvià has amounted to 723.043,80 euros, is co-financed with funds from the ESF (European Social Fund), within the framework of the Operational Programmes for Youth and Regional Employment 2014-2020, with funds from the State through the Sectorial Conference on Employment and Labour Affairs, with a contribution from Calvià Town Hall of 133.023,62 euros.

For this programme, four projects were presented in Calvià, one by Calvià Town Hall, through the Calvià Training and Employment Institute (IFOC), which encompasses various municipal areas (Commerce and Activities, Computing, Social Development, Childhood and the Elderly, IFOC, Maintenance, Environment and Ecological Transition, Housing, Youth and Citizen Participation, Transparency and Innovation, Organisation and Quality, Economic Services and Contracting, Urban Planning, ICE, Culture), and the others by public organisations: Senior Citizen's Home of Calvià, Municipal Institute of Education and Libraries (IMEB) and Municipal Tax Office.

The call includes hiring unemployed people for a period of six months and consists of three lines of action: Line 1, aimed at young people under 30 years of age, Line 2, aimed at long-term unemployed people over 30 years of age, and Line 3, for short-term unemployed people over 30 years of age.

The Calvià Town Hall's Social Services deal with tasks of information and referral of people with social vulnerability in the municipality so that they can participate in these programmes.

When these projects are completed, the IFOC makes the necessary resources available to promote their employability, such as the Municipal Employment Agency, the Labour Advisory Service and the entrepreneur care service, in addition to training actions.

In the previous call for the SOIB Reactiva Programe, Calvià Town Hall hired 106 unemployed people.