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I Senior Citizens' Day Conference in Calvią


Monday 12th September 2022

The 1st Senior Citizens' Day Conference is celebrated on 30th September

Conference programme

The First Senior Citizens' Day Conference, organised by Calvià Town Hall, will take place on Friday 30th September. The Conference aims to celebrate International Older Persons Day that the United Nations commemorates every 1st October since 1990.

This year, Calvià dedicates the conference to the vindication of Rights and protagonism in the ageing process. This is the title of this first edition, with a view to continuing to celebrate and consolidate the conference in the coming years.

The conference to be held on 30th September is especially aimed at the elderly of Calvià and professional staff who work in their day to day close to the senior citizens of our municipality.

To open the conference, we will have a lecture by Dr. Anna Freixas Farré, authoress of the book "Yo, Vieja", who will provide her vision of the defense of "Freedom, justice and dignity in old age". In addition, the initial proposal for the Calvià Strategic Plan for Aging and Demographic Change 2022-2025 will be presented at the conference. We will also hear, within the framework of a round table, the voices of several senior citizens from Calvià civil society who will talk about what it is like, from their perspective, to live and get old in Calvià.

If you would like to attend, you can register on this conference registration FORM, or by calling 971 139 173 or emailing calviasocial@calvia.com.