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World Environment Day


Monday, 5th June 2023


Promoted by the ornithological entity SEO-Virot Balears and with the support of the Environment area of Calvià Town Hall, the illustrator Carolina Adán has made a mural in the courtyard of the CEIP Ses Quarterades in Calvià, on the occasion of World Environment Day

The mural La Milana en Calvià has been presented at the CEIP Ses Quarterades in Calvià, today 5th June, World Environment Day, promoted by SEO-Virot Baleares and altruistically carried out by the muralist, illustrator and plastic artist Carolina Adán Caro.

In the presentation, the artist was accompanied by the SEO-Virot entity coordinator, Jordi Muntaner; the CEIP director, Xim Pérez and the councillor for the Environment, Rafel Sedano.

The initiative arises as a continuation of the collaboration between SEO-Virot Balears and the Environment area of the Town Hall, which made possible to have, for a year, two bird observatories that were set up on the Galatzó public estate to facilitate both, observation and photography of the birds to all ornithology enthusiasts visiting the estate, as well as the preparation of an atlas of nesting birds of the Galatzó public estate, in order to advance in the conservation and knowledge of the ornithological wealth of the estate.

Specifically, the idea of the mural arises from the success achieved with the observatory for birds of prey, from which the successful reproduction of the kite has been confirmed for the first time, which in the last few years has been present on an ongoing basis on the Galatzó estate.

The Galatzó estate is a space with a high ornithological richness, where around 80 different species of birds have been observed, some sedentary, which can be seen all year round, and other migrants, which can only be seen during seasons. In addition, it should be noted that the two observatories have been created from the recycling of old wooden protectors from bin containers that were on the estate and were removed in the process of improving the waste collection system on the estate that began in 2021.