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Beaches and coastline

Why do more than one million people visit Calvià each year? In the Beaches and Coastal department we work to ensure the enjoyment of both our visitors and our neighbors and residents. We want to give the best services always in a sustainable way. The award? blue flags, Q of tourist quality and more tourists each year.

What we do at the Department of Beaches and Coastal department?

We ensure sustainable management of our beaches and coastine. We work for the excellent tourist service of our town and that it coexists with a respectful and comprehensive use of the environment, the coastline and the seabed. We also coordinate with other municipal departments and external institutions to improve accessibility and quality on our beaches.

What do we do for you?

In the department we create and continue each year over a hundred records related to the management of beach services: we oversee the recruitment and training of first responders, we check that the amenities and services are in the best condition, and we monitor that environmental regulations are always obeyed, the environmental regulations and Coastal Law, and we work all year round on hygiene and sanitation.

How to contact us?
Ajuntament de Calvià
Telefon: 971 139 100 (Coastlinel)

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